‘Sterre Arentsen is a Dutch Artist that uses photography as her primary form of expression. She is currently finishing her Bachelor in Crossmedia Design at the AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts in Enschede. Sterre’s artistic practice is born from the observation and exploration of the relation between human and nature. Her work aims to capture emotions where they seemingly don´t belong, often carried by an air of melancholy. People rarely appear in her pictures. It´s mostly lifeless objects that convey humanity in their place. Sterre manages to find character in our surroundings, turning the world inside out in a sense. To achieve this, she adopts an almost scientific approach that explores the irrational as a second nature. Where the laws of physics paint a very clear and specific picture of the world, her imagery shows us its negative. Fittingly, most works come to life during nighttime.’


2017 – 2022 Crossmedia Design – AKI ArtEZ Enschede
2020 – 2021 Applied Physics – Propedeuse diploma achieved (cum laude) – Saxion Enschede
2020 – Visa Pour l’Image – Canon Student Development Programme – Online Edition
2020 – N/J Studio – Internship – Amsterdam
2016 – TEKEN Design – Internship – Zutphen


2022 – AKI Finals – Enschede (july) – group

2021 – Stil ‘t Tij – IJsselbiënale 2021 – Dat Bolwerck Zutphen – group
2021 – Herbelichting – Fotogalerie Objektief Enschede – duo
2018 – Secret 7 Contest – NOW Gallery Londen – group


2021 – LFK Magazine – winter edition
2020 – Ce que cache la nuit – fisheyemagazine – Website feature
2020 – Encourage – Canon – Photobook
2019 – Lowlands festival – Design contest